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Job Architecture

In order to best align our company to market practices, we developed a job architecture that categorizes every role into a family and sub-family. It is a sound, easy to use system for determining the value of jobs based on the business structure and market practices. Our job architecture creates a formal framework that helps inform HR structures and guidelines that align with the business.

Job Family and Sub-Family

A job family is a broad function/skill based category and sub-family is a more defined category that applies to the job (Example: Job Family Finance & Accounting; Sub-Family: Accounts Payable).

Job Level

Job levels are a method of objectively and accurately assigning value to individual positions within the organization. Our leveling takes into account experience, assignment of work, role in problem-solving, strategy and planning, oversight received and overall scope. Job levels are determined by LOB Leads/ Group Managers and the HRBP.

Salary Range

The range of pay rates, from minimum to maximum, set for a position.

Internal Equity

Employees' pay compared with those in similar positions within an organization.

Market Competitive or External Equity

Employees' pay compared with those in similar positions in other organizations. Market competitiveness is always assessed against competitive data within that employee’s location.

External Salary Surveys

Market competitiveness is assessed using salary surveys. VMG purchases surveys specific to the industries we operate in from outside consultants. These surveys provide a reliable source of compensation data by anonymously compiling compensation data across many organizations.