Sustaining Progress

The VICE Media Group
2022 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

This is our fourth annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report, which details our global workforce’s representation as well as our commitment and effort in cultivating an inclusive culture here at VICE Media Group.

This year we have titled the report Sustaining Progress because we recognise the strides we have made in our DEI commitments while also understanding this is an ongoing and adaptive process. Our people continue to be our priority and have been inspirational drivers and leaders in our DEI efforts in 2022. 

Our leadership has prioritized focusing time, resources, and accessibility on our diversity and inclusion efforts. And while it is important to recognise that tough economic headwinds have impacted some of our more formal initiatives, our progress reflects the ongoing engagement and commitment of leaders, colleagues, and especially our community groups. 

This year we have been focused on providing a healthy return to work following the pandemic and fostering a sense of belonging and community in our offices worldwide. We continued deepening our DEI capacity globally and equipping managers to lead and manage with an inclusive and equitable lens. Our community groups have led vibrant programming that has helped revive our energy and collegiality, and encourage folks to connect beyond the teams they work closely with every day.

The data captured in our annual workforce report not only offers a snapshot of who we are but it also continues to help shape the policies and processes we put in place and the experiences we offer our global workforce. 

The report follows four key pillars – People, Culture, Systems and Standards. These inform how we attract, hire, retain and develop our people ensuring we continue to foster a culture of belonging, are guided by equity throughout our systems and processes and place inclusivity at the heart of our output – be that journalism, storytelling or partnerships.

As for 2022 representation specifically? 

For the third year in a row, VMG’s workforce is majority women, with the majority of new hires (65%) women.

Racial representation in the US, where we can collect a complete set of data, is up slightly with 42% of the workforce is BIPOC (2021: 41%), and 58% are white (2021: 59%). The executive level has stayed consistent with 63% white and 37% BIPOC representation (2021: 63% white and 37% BIPOC).

You will be able to read in more detail about the work we’ve done this year as part of our equity and inclusion efforts, but we recognize there is still much more to be done. We’ll continue to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion throughout 2023 by supporting a dynamic culture that allows people to define and express themselves openly and engenders a sense of belonging, the work of our valuable community groups, celebrating our range of content and fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding throughout the company.

Hozefa Lokhandwala and Bruce Dixon - Co-Chief Executive Officers

Personal experiences shape the stories we tell and we believe that promoting diversity behind and in front of the camera, all supported by a diverse workforce, is imperative. Diversity and inclusion is more than just a strategic priority for us, it’s embedded in everything we do – it’s what makes us VICE – and we look forward to building on it as we embark on our next chapter.




Hozefa Lokhandwala and Bruce Dixon, Co-CEOs

Daisy Auger-Dominguez - Chief People Officer

This year we have focused on maintaining and cementing the strides we have made at VICE Media Group in embedding a diverse and inclusive culture throughout the company. With a renewed focus on bringing teams back to our workspaces, we have strived to ensure these spaces feel safe, collaborative, and vibrant for all our teams. Leadership and management are responsible for modelling an inclusive, welcoming and fair workplace culture, and we continue to listen, test new approaches, and build deeper relationships across our teams.

Daisy Auger-Domínguez, CPO

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The UK D & I group has been able to push for diversity and inclusion within the company while also connecting with local community organizations. This has been done through: open days with various youth groups, funded internships programmes and celebrations of different cultures and experiences.

Ranel Felix

Producer and member of the UK’s DEI Community Group



At VMG, we believe that the world is young. We're here to create a place for emerging talent and their ideas by curating a space that welcomes nuance, individuality and experiential learning. Our continued partnership with Reel Works and the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) show our commitment to our local communities - reviving initiatives like the apprenticeship program and revamping existing efforts, like our internship program - to create meaningful experiences for our emerging talent to continue to encourage our teams to think big about what's next for VICE.

Asma AliRahi

Talent Specialist





At VICE World News I feel empowered – and encouraged – to report on important LGBTQ stories. With my editor’s support, I have published work which has been discussed in the world’s highest political spaces, and created lasting impact. I have previously worked in newsrooms where LGBTQ stories were seen as an inconvenience, or just a nice-to-have, but at VICE there is a real push to tell diverse stories in the best ways possible. At VICE, DEI matters.

Ben Hunte

Global LGBTQ Correspondent, VICE World News

The people at VICE are more than just numbers and statistics. This is just one way to show how diverse we are becoming.

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