“6 years ago this December, Unbothered was created as an offering to our audience, by Black folx within Refinery29, who wanted to build something for each other and for our community. The trust we’ve built over the years is rooted in the knowledge that creating authentic, substantive content that speaks to what Black folx care about every day is paramount. And today, it’s more crucial than ever for brands hoping to build equity with this audience to foster that same genuine connection. With this brand power study, Unbothered is pulling back the curtain on how our audience cares, considers, and connects with brands they know. 

Trust in brands for the Black community is fragile yet specific – we know we are truly the biggest cultural curators and some of the most powerful voices for recommendation: simply put, Black folx are good for business, period. When we buy, we buy big, and when we know something doesn’t work, we rightfully demand accountability and conversation. This brand study is an opportunity for us to hear from our audience: what makes or breaks trust in brands today? Heading into 2024, how does accountability, access, impact, community, leadership, and transparency affect your choices? Who meets those standards and what makes you proud to associate with certain brands vs. others? Through these conversations, we hope to deliver meaningful insights to our trusted partners to arm them with the necessary tools to drive impact, to reach and hold community trust, and ultimately deliver on what Black folx truly need.” 

Chelsea Sanders
Co-Founder, Unbothered & Vice President of Brand Strategy & Development, Refinery29 Multicultural 

“It’s been a pleasure partnering with Unbothered to bring this first-of-its-kind study to life. After analyzing the qualitative and quantitative feedback we received from both the Unbothered audience and a wider community of Black Folx, we developed a framework comprising six key components that foster brand trust among this influential audience. We are thrilled to share these learnings with our brand partners, paving the way for meaningful connections and impactful strategies.”

–Julie Arbit
SVP Insights, VICE Media Group

Access the full report to learn about what makes or breaks trust in brands today among Black folx today: https://mailchi.mp/vice/unbotheredbrandtrust