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The VICE Media Group
2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

This is the third year we have published our annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report, which takes a look at our global teams’ representation and how we cultivate a culture of inclusion and belonging. When we began gathering this data, we wanted to capture a snapshot of who we are at VICE Media Group. While looking just at numbers can seem stark, they represent thousands of unique stories and as a company we are listening to what this data tells us. This informs how we show up each day, the policies and processes we put in place and the experiences we provide for our teams.

This report is called Keeping Momentum because we want to ensure that we do not lose sight of the importance of why we began this, or how it is the foundation of what will carry VICE Media Group into the future: our people.

We have broken down the report into four sections, representing the pillars around which we have established our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy: People, Culture, Systems and Standards. These set out to inform how we attract, hire, retain and develop our people, nurture a culture of belonging, and ensure our systems and business standards continue to provide equitable and fair outcomes for all employees, as well as inclusivity in our storytelling, content, journalism, products and partnerships.

As for what our report tells us this year? 

For the second year in a row, the majority of our global employees are female (56%), with an increase in the number of new hires coming into VICE Media Group who are women, from 57% to 66%. 

We’ve seen small changes in racial representation in the US, where we can collect a complete set of data, with 41% of our team being BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), compared to 42% in 2020. Amongst our new hires in the US, the majority are BIPOC (53%).

We are also improving how we understand the representation of our workforce outside of the US. In the UK, in our second year collecting voluntary, self-reported ethnicity data, we’ve seen an increase year-over-year to 76% from 70% for those who wish to disclose their ethnic identity. These efforts help us better measure our inclusion efforts, and develop solutions to meet the evolving nuances and multiplicity in how our teams identify.

Below you’ll read about the work we’ve done this year as part of our equity and inclusion efforts, but there is still much to be done. We’ll be keeping momentum for this year, and many more to come.

Nancy Dubuc - Chief Executive Officer

I want to ensure that VICE Media Group is a place where people from all backgrounds and experiences can flourish, and where they can bring their best and most authentic selves to work each day. It’s not just the responsibility of our people to show up and do that: we must create conditions that make space for this and understand the multitude of experiences that affect how individuals can achieve. I remain committed to this work even as our industry faces challenging times, and remain immensely proud of the teams making this happen around the globe.



Nancy Dubuc, CEO

Daisy Auger-Dominguez - Chief People Officer

VICE Media Group’s growth is rooted in our mission, our amazing people, and our dedication to telling stories no one else can and championing voices no one else will. Our company-wide commitment to building a radically inclusive, equitable and representative workplace takes thoughtful engagement with our leadership, management, and team members. This is not a siloed HR project. We publish our data and methodologies, bright spots and lessons learned for the sake of our employees and audience, and for the betterment of the media industry as a whole. I’m proud of how we continue to integrate inclusion and equity in every aspect of our creative and operational DNA, and how we help our teams find their voice and role in building a workplace that works for everyone. As we turn our focus to the Future of Work Culture, we will continue to challenge our leaders, managers, teams, clients and creative partners to accelerate progress and remove barriers, with a clear lens on equity and belonging.

Daisy Auger-Domínguez, CPO

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The VICE Wellbeing Group has created a forum to engage in discussions that connect us to our humanity, shared challenges and honest questions. Through Q&A’s, panels, and workshops, we have prioritized cultivating deeper insight and awareness of wellbeing among staff, encouraging self-advocacy and empathy for one another. The community groups have created a powerful channel to connect and empower staff, and it's been wonderful to see the internal impact and growth!

Jamie Silano & Shayla Love

Senior Manager Music Partnerships & Senior Staff Writer



As a manager in APAC I have the opportunity to connect with and learn from so many people from around the region. Taking the time to appreciate the cultural and individual nuance that every person on the team has only benefits us as VICE in APAC as it helps evolve our content into newer ways of looking at things. What's wonderful is no matter which part of the world we're from, when we take the time to really listen, the connections we make to each other transcend geography, gender and race

Samira Kanwar

VP of Content, Vice Studios APAC



The media is a pivotal contributor to the shaping of our societies - community norms and behaviours mirror what we see, read and watch. This is a heavy responsibility - especially in addressing a balanced voice across the entire diverse spectrum. A voice that VMG has bravely brought forward into the world since its inception. And these voices are heard both in front of, and behind the cameras. We live the change we report about

Suresh Raj

Global Chief Growth Officer - Virtue



There is an African proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." At VICE Media Group, we believe it is our responsibility to uplift and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and Black+ is an example of a program that does just that. It's vital that when we make community commitments, they have the real world cut through. Black+ gives businesses a step towards transformation and success, whilst actually making tangible headway in closing the Black entrepreneurship gap.

Nadja Bellan-White

Chief Marketing Officer

The people at VICE are more than just numbers and statistics. This is just one way to show how diverse we are becoming.

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